15 October 2011

I Heart Halloween

I realized this weekend that Halloween is just under two weeks away, and I can’t wait!

It may be strange of me, but my favorite holiday is Halloween. Yes, Christmas is beautiful and you get gifts. Yes, Thanksgiving is absolutely delicious. Yes, New Years in a total ball.

But you also have to deal with family – bickering, drama, and pretending to like the pink cat sweater your grandmother gave you.

Halloween, however, has everything I can ask for: crafting, make-believe, dressing up, and FRIENDS. So I love it more than all the others.

Now I must start scheming and planning for the night. The costume is crucial.
I’ve always wanted one like this (Especially since moving to Charleston. It so fits with the history!): 
But I have never been able to pull together the skill or cash.


And I would love to be able to use this mask in a costume, but I loathe random generic “fairy” or “nymph” or whatever costumes. Any girl can throw one together in 20 seconds without trying.


I’ve already done Tinkerbell, Holly Golightly, Red Riding Hood, and Dorothy Gale. I’ve also done a few generic ones I hate to admit: a marine, an angel, a nymph. :/

So what do I do this year? And the best part is that if I get it together fast enough I can make my husband wear a matching costume! (Evil I know, but I have to get him to do it before he figures out how to resist my puppy-dog eyes.)

Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit? Pirates? Maid Marian and Robin Hood?

It’s just a little bit difficult. I want to match, but so many couple’s costumes are a little bit vulgar. Cop and prisoner: um… ew. Everything else seems to be a little too cheesy.

What to do?!


What’s been your favorite costume?

Is getting him to match a little too cruel?

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Rick said...

I love that Halloween is your favorite holiday and you prefer to stay classy about it. Your dorthy was so much less scandalous than many others we saw tramping around, and I liked your's better.