About Us

Some wives are content with daily domesticity. I am, however, simply incapable of sticking to the status-quo. I can't help but come up with off-the-wall, mostly impossible creations, almost on the daily. (Maybe I read too much. :]) So feel free to follow along with me as I try craft after craft and recipe after recipe, in the vain hopes that I can get at least 75% of it right and maybe save some money in there, too. You also might catch me trying to fend off boredom and insanity. 'Trying' being the operative word; I'm really out-numbered by boys and cats around here.

AKA: Rick the Dick, Smythe, Boo, Hubby, Damn-it)
Currently a Nuclear Engineer in the U.S. Navy. (It's pretty awesomely geeky.) When he actually has time, he plays basketball, racquetball, & flag football, runs marathons, or just takes a nap. While he digs most of my exploits, he is great at pulling me back to reality when I need it.

The Kid
(AKA: Chase, the Child, Rainman, Spaz, Damn-it)
The Kid is Rick's younger half-brother. He came to live with us in June 2011 after spending 6 years living in Maine. Now he is a freshman in high-school and is working hard to be a starting Tight-End on the football team. Favorite quotes: "I got this" "Epic" and "That's what she said" (Sigh.)

Our Irish Twins
Emilia (AKA: Em, Butter, Pretty Girl, Fat Kid, Damn-it) Was Rick's kitten before we got together (March 2009) and hated me until I started feeding her. Now, she sleeps on my head/back/face and begs for absolutely anything anyone is eating.
Ichabod (AKA: Senor Sneezy, Bulldozer, Icky, Doodle, Buddy, Damn-it) Was notably tiny and sickly when we got him in the summer of 2010 (thus the name). Now, he's huge and loves EVERYTHING, including water, string, belly rubs, and watching us shower. He's basically a dog.
Oh yea, they look the same but are in no way related, and getting matching cats was totally not on purpose. Isky was just that cool.