13 October 2011

And they all lived happily ever after...

So I started this blog for two main reasons: 1. I had a very limited wedding budget and did some really crazy and out of the box stuff to save money. Most of it worked, and the hubs sweetly reminded me of all the other cool and different stuff I’ve come up with. Basically, I thought I had info to share.         2. Hopefully, someday soon, I’ll be able to contribute to the health of our pocketbook again.

I always knew, realistically, #2 was gonna take a while, but I was still silently mapping out posts all through my wedding planning process.

Well the wedding was just under two weeks ago. My house is finally back in order. My brain is firing on all circuits once again. I finally have the time I didn’t have before the wedding to flush out all those nifty posts I thought up.

Only… I can’t stand to think about ANYTHING wedding ANYMORE!

Just the thought of even finishing up the last bits of the budget bores me to tears. Tips for you on how to pick a coordinator? Untold tedium! I don’t even want to return things that didn’t get used, no matter how much needed funds it will bring.

Even though I’ve never really been a froofie girl, I have to admit, I kinda loved the planning. It was one huge, intricate art project, and I dug it.

But now, I just want to be a girl again.

I want to read a book. Maybe bake brownies. Or take a long bubble bath. I could even catch up on the projects that got tossed aside in the arrangements sandstorm.

And that is just what I did today. All of it.

And man was it a weird day. 

It was like waking up from a three month coma.

I’m all “oh yea, I can do whatever the heck I want to… aside from the whole breaking vows I just affirmed thing. Cause that’s just wrong.”

And “What the hell? Since when am I living with two boys? And they smell funny! And can’t cook to keep themselves from starving.”

Oh yea, and “Why the hell do my feet look so old and crusty?! You’re 25, not 80, woman!”

Very weird day.

But at least it was way more entertaining than dealing with wedding crap.


So you may be wondering if I’m done now with the blog, out only 3 posts in. I hope you’re glad to know that the answer is no.

The wedding stuff may come, maybe in the form of another blog. For now however, I’ll try just a slight shift in focus. How about some crafting and saving of sanity, yes?

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