26 October 2011

And miles to go...

So I have been making pretty good progress on the oodles of projects on my plate this week.

Unfortunately, the universe decided I just wasn't having enough fun. Just after my jumpdrive decided it had had a full life and it was time to shuffle and take all my various important documents with it, our computer very enthusiasically "shit the bed".

At first, it was just that all my bookmarks were gone from our browser. No biggie, just restart. But then it couldn't start back up.

When I told Ricklet, he was relaxed as always. More tech-savvy than your average bear, he was convinced he only needed to "reset it to a previous picture of the hard-drive" or something like that. Except, all those pictures, or whatever, had been erased with everything other bit of memory. Oh... sigh.

Rick then begrudgingly erases all our Windows 7 goodness and loads up Vista. Oh, Vista.

So I've decided two things:

1. to take this as a sign that I should not be looking for houses to buy before we can actually buy them.
2. It is SOOOO time for a MAC.

I realize my life is not all that dire and horrid, but is there ever a point in time when it gets somewhere close to anything resembling easy?

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