17 October 2011

The Baker's Bug

As the weather gets colder, and the trees turn colors, I dream of turning on my oven and getting to some baking. My husband and the Kid have no problem with this, of course. After the first batch of brownies, we were all hooked on my latest obsession.

I will admit to a few flights of fancy, a bit glancing obsession, or a slight lack of concentration. But baking is one that I always come back around to, usually around this time of year. It's just convenient that it's right before Thanksgiving, the mother of all epicurean holidays.

So I've been searching through websites and blogs and pouring through my cookbooks to find the perfect recipe to try next.

I found this one at Or Whatever You Do for Chocolate Cupcakes. It sounds so amazing, but I've done cupcakes so often it doesn't feel like a challenge. Plus, I don't keep half-and-half in the house.

My go-to for food, allrecipes.com supplied this base for banana pudding, which is the only way I eat bananas. Of course, I don't have condensed milk.

A new find, Form V Artisan, gave me an awesome recipe for Cinnamon Crème Brûlée, but, of course, I don't have ramekins.

The only thing I have everything for is my very famous (at least in my family) Stoplight Apple Pie. But it's too easy for me to even want to try.

If I keep going like this, the baking Bug will pass me by, without a single thing having come out of my oven. So my goal tomorrow is to go get everything I need to make all my new finds and get to work.

I may blow myself up trying. At least the shrapnel should taste good.

But I still have no idea where to start!


Am I the only one that gets the need to create yummy creations, just for the hell of it?

What would you make?

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Nicole J said...

I can't wait to see how the cupcakes turn out! I always have half and half in the house for coffee. ;)

Nicole @ Orwhateveryoudo