10 November 2011

My time away

What happens when a burgeoning blogger gets busy before cementing a good writing habit?
-Two weeks without a blog.

So I offer, with a slight blush, some stuff that happened, along with some stuff I've learned:

Halloween costumes – WIN (at least for the boys, mine was not nearly as cool). I am know for always having tons of costume pieces at the ready, so I already had everything I needed to make these: a skein of yarn, sheets that fit no beds in my house, a flannel pillowcase, and a costume hat.

The Kid had some fun scaring some Trick-or-Treaters.

This is SPARTA!

Even Ichabod got in on the action. Our haas of a cat got to show off his muscles for the night.

I learned that the temperature of butter does actually make a difference in baking. Especially if you don't want you icing to melt. :( (Why do I have the feeling that icing will be the end of me?)

I actually managed to bake my special Stoplight Apple Pie. Thank you Christina Marsigliese for giving me the perfect pie crust. It was so yummy, getting a piece was more pivotal than a picture. Re: above- temperature is SO important in baking.

After 4 days without internet, a complete computer crash, and a week without any Office programs, I am not fully back up and running. Thank you OpenOffice for free programs!

I learned that when you upgrade your operating system, your computer just pastes it on top of the old stuff. It still saves all your old info on the hard-drive, sucking up valuable RAM. Who thought this was a good idea?

I saw the new commercial for a certain frozen pizza snack, the one where two kids are "dying" of hunger and can't even see the food right in front of them. Realizing that all teenagers are completely clueless and boys especially can't see what is right before their eyes, instills just a bit more patience. My goodness, he is not the only one! I am not alone.

When did Harry Potter 7.2 come out? I seriously missed the whole damn thing.

I got a new job. Yay! Front end of an alterations shop, complete with sewing lessons. I'm practically drooling at the thought of it, and it will bring on some major OCD (Obsessive Crafting Disorder). And oh goodness, next Halloween is going to be a-MAZ-ing.

I remembered that going from my normal night-owl habits to 6a.m. mornings is rough. Really, really rough. (All hail coffee!) However, I have discovered the splended new feeling of looking up and thinking "Damn, it's time to leave."
I've definitely had moments when I didn't want to stop what I was doing and leave. Now I have that moment almost every moment of every day.

Oh dear, I'm Mary-Fucking-Sunshine.

Now, I need to take my old, happy ass to bed. It's past my bed-time.

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